Konami on a new Castlevania game?

Konami hints new Castlevania game

Castlevania producer Dave Cox hinted at a new entry in the Lords of Shadow series, but whatever the new entry is, it will not be developed by Mercury Steam.  He has stated in a interview with Gamespot, that Spanish Dev. Mercury Steam will be moving away from the series because they told the story they wanted to tell, and there is nothing left to say, Cox suggested.

"I think Castlevania is a series that has evolved over the 26 years to what it is today and I think it's in good shape right now and I think people will really enjoy the last one," he stated. "There's a lot of surprises and I think we're going to deliver something unexpected." 

As far as his stance on the current Castlevania series he stated the following in an interview with Gamespot, "I think if you've got something to say, you should just say it, and when you're done, just shut up," Cox said. "And we've got something to say. And once it's out there…I think it's time for somebody else; somebody younger, a younger producer to come in and take up the mantle and do what they think would be right for Castlevania and for us to move on to something else." 

Cox had hinted at next-gen projects for Mercury Steam, as well as the interest to work in the Contra universe.  What do you think?  Has Mercury Steam shown the quality of their studio? Should they be allowed to take on another legendary IP such as Contra?  Would you even like to see a Contra reboot?

Castlevanai: Lords of Shadow 2 launches this winter for the Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and PC.

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