Batman: Arkham Origins Gets MP

Batman: Arkham Origins Gets Multiplayer

The next installment in the Batman Arkham series is getting a multiplayer element thrown into the mix.  The mode is Invisible Predator Online and it is a 3 vs. 3 vs. 2, game mode.  The game mode pits 2 of Batman's greatest villains against each other and the dynamic duo as well.  One player from each villain team will play as the Joker and Bane, while the remaining 2 players play as souped up henchmen.  From what it sound's like, the game mode will be a combination of domination and team deathmatch.  However there have been rumors that the multiplayer mode will not be featured on the Wii U version of the game.

As for the henchmen, they will be running around with special gadgets like Enhanced Vision, which works like Batman’s Detective Vision to see other players through walls and objects but with limited battery power, and deadly themed weapons like the Joker gang’s “Surprise, You’re Dead!” proximity mine gift box or the Bane crew’s ultrasonic pulse that can zap enemies even through walls.

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