Gravity Rush Sequel: "Fall Again..."

     Team Gravity has released this video of a new project with Kat from Gravity Rush falling through the skies.  The video was first shown at the Tokyo Game Show during Sony's sizzle real for upcoming Vita releases.
     With what little I've seen, I'm sold already.  Gravity Rush is a must play game on the Playstation Vita.

     Here's the Official video release.


A NEW Mutant League Football Could be on the Way

     Yes, you read that CORRECTLY.  Michael Mendheim, the creator of the original games has opened a Kickstarter for a new Mutant League Football.  The funding for the project is open until October 16th, 2013.  I also just noticed it's switched to Mutant Football League. 

     As a generally disinterested-in-sports person, I did love the Mutant League games.  Granted I was also a fan of the NBA Jam games and the various Boxing games out there, but the Mutant League games opened up an interest in sports.  Not much, but at least a little. 
     The old Sega Genesis version was a violent, yet hilarious parody of American Football.  I recall getting penalties for booger picking and throwing peoples torn off heads.  I would personally like a new version of Mutant League Hockey, but this is a start. 

     So far it's only planned for iOS, Android, and X Box Live.  I may support it if they port to Playstation or Vita.  And I'd definitely support it if they announce a new Mutant League Hockey.  Hell, if they could make an immense retro 16 bit version of the game, tons of fans would donate just for nostalgic glory.