Metal Gear: Ground Zeroes: Securing the Island...

     With this blog I intended to not only include reviews and reporting content, but silly stuff as well.  You know, to be "playing it wrong" and all that.  For Metal Gear: Ground Zeroes it had started with me sneaking around and tranq darting all the enemies I could with the Wu Silent Pistol.  Then it struck me, maybe I could pile them all on the helicopter and send them away for good to receive some kind of interrogation...

     As it turns out- it is quite possible to do.  So there it was- I had a stupid, but fun, idea.  Instead of rescuing Chico, Paz, and the rest of the prisoners, I thought I'd secure the island as well as I could by taking all the guards OFF the island.  I mean, no guards, no problem, right?

     The method was simple- tranq them then haul their sleeping bodies down to the landing zone for the helicopter.  So I ran back and forth collecting as many bodies as I could at the landing zone.  After a while their bodies started disappearing, so I called in Morpho loaded them on and as soon as he departed the other bodies reappeared.  Rinse and repeat.

     Moving on, I ran out of tranq darts, and started using the much louder Uragan-5 stun gun.  It turned out to be a good, in that it brought in more people to knock out that I could ship away, and also a bad thing because it can get quite difficult to avoid death with a small army gunning for you.  

     When the Uragan ammo ran out I had hide for a while and resorted to tossing empty gun magazines to lure guards away and CQC-ing them into submission.

     Once all was said and done I got about 50 guards taken away before I got bored.  The island should be safe enough for the prisoners I left for the time being.  They don't need food in those cages, do they?

     On my next visit I tranqed guards, placed C4 on their body then went and hid.  After doing such, I would alert a bunch of people and when they grouped together I would detonate it.  Not much for progressing the story or game at all, but it definitely provided me with small amounts of humor.  Not nearly as hilarious as placing C4 on the guy at the urinal in the men's room in Metal Gear Solid.

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