Super Time Force: PREPARE TO DIE DIE DIE! on May 14th!

     Even though I don't own either of the Xbox systems, Super Time Force is a game that has me seriously reconsidering that position.  Perhaps, after a while it may work it's way to the other consoles, but in the mean time, I'll be playing this on my friends' systems.

     After seeing this glorious new trailer, it looks to live up to all my childhood dreams of a shooter that is absolutely bonkers in scope.  All of my 80's pixelated shooter gaming dreams are coming true.  Time travel, hilarity, and working with your dead ghost- what else could you ask for in a game like this?  I mean, come ON, there's a character called Dolphin Lundgren- how can you not like that?!?

     Previously I didn't know about the rewind feature, I thought it was just restarting the level with your ghost attached.  So will this work like Braid's time rewinding mechanic, or will it be limited to only when you die?