E3 2014: 'And the winner is…'

The "Big 3" square off once again during E3 2014
With E3 coming to a close on June 12, 2014, gamers finally have time to sit back, catch their breath, and take in all the information that this year’s expo has bestowed upon them. From trailers to new tech, to gameplay demos and reveals, this year was another information-packed year, all kicked off again by the “Big 3” – Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo.


The STEAMBOY Project: E3 2014 Trailer

     As someone who just recently jumped from consoles to PC gaming, I am greatly looking forward to the recently announced SteamBoy Machine.  With the trailer we get only the looks and none of the concrete details.  Valve's 3rd party project has me hooked- I would love to be able to take my Steam library of games on the go, and it looks like I soon will be able to do such.

     From the video we can see it looks like a Steam controller with 8 extra buttons (D-pad and 4 keys) as well as 4 triggers.  With what little we are given, I remain optimistic, despite knowing none of the current hardware specs or cost.

     According to [ Escapist Magazine ] the design should include:
  • A quad-core CPU
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 32 GB Built-in Memory
  • 5" (16:9) touchscreen.
     I have a great fondness for my handhelds, the DSs, PS Vita, and even my old GBA is still great for portable gaming, and if SteamBoy pulls this machine off and it works even moderately well, they'll have me on board.


The Vanishing of Ethan Carter: First Trailer: Welcome to Red Creek Valley

     I've been following the news of this small and interesting indie game for about a year and now we finally get an actual trailer so we can see some of the shots in motion.

     The Vanishing of Ethan Carter is a first-person weird fiction horror in which you - Paul Prospero, an occult detective - try to solve the mystery of a missing boy named Ethan Carter.
          This trailer gives us a promising look at a supernatural detective mystery, and I for one am quite intrigued to see what else this horror story has to offer.  The Astronauts have certainly created an atmospheric environment for us.

     Source [ The Astronouts ]