Mighty No. 9: The New Gameplay Trailer is Stunning

     Comcept's Mighty No. 9 looks like it's going to be the MegaMan we've always wanted, but never received.  Seeing the trailer has only strengthened that belief.  Watching it in motion has dispelled many of my early reservations for this project.

     I'm going to extend an early heartfelt thanks to Keiji Inafune for this trailer- because it looks to be everything gamers have wanted in an homage to retro gaming.

     Source [ Mighty No. 9 ] via [ Kickstarter ]


Super Time Force Ultra: Coming to PC (Steam)

Steam powered time travel!
     Good news, Capybara Games is bringing Super Time Force to the PC through Steam.  Now Capybara has not only decided to bring the game to more than just Xbox users, but they are giving it the Ultra treatment.  Exactly what that "Ultra" refers to remains unrevealed.
     First, Super Time Force Ultra is coming to Steam this summer! We’ll be bringing STFU to PC players in the not-so-distant future, and while we’re at it, we’re adding some very cool (but presently very secret) stuff to our crazy time-traveling game!
     This is great news considering Capy can expand their fanbase simply by getting out from the Xbox exclusivity and giving some others a chance to play this innovative time manipulating game so we may play with our dead selves.  I wonder what fine things may be added with the Ultra title?  New levels, even more characters, or additional challenge modes?  Whatever it is, I trust it'll be amazing.

     Also available is the 53-track soundtrack to the game by chiptune artist extraordinaire 6955.

     Source [ Capy Games