Ori and the Blind Forest Prologue Trailer is Pure Magic

     As we draw closer to Ori and the Blind Forest's fourth quarter release date, Microsoft has released the 10 minute prologue to the game, and it is absolutely enchanting.

    This trailer initially premiered at the TGS 2014 and Microsoft's own Moon Studios has created this game and loaded it with painterly visual beauty and motion.  I've been keeping an eye on this since it was announced at the E3 2014 back in June and each new piece of video is even more stunning than the last.  With the 2d "Metroidvania" puzzle-platforming and vast array of locations from dark caves to bright fields, Ori definitely looks like the Hayao Miyazaki films that inspired it.

     Ori and the Blind Forest will be released on Xbox One and PC, then later on the Xbox 360.