Kill the Plumber: Ever Wondered What it was Like to be Mario's Enemy?

     In an interesting turn of events, all of us that once wondered what it was like for all those poor nameless creatures wandering around when a red-hatted plumber ruined their days don't have to wonder much longer.  In Kill the Plumber players are tasked will stopping a red-hatted plumber, that's not named Mario, from destroying their land.

     Kill the Plumber features a 4 levels per each of the current 8 enemy types- including enemies that totally aren't Goombas, giant stone faces that are definitely not Thwomps, some not-quite Boos, and even Bosses- all trying to stop the no-good plumber from his quest.  

     In addition they've also noted they've got an extra bonus in the form of a little something familiar sounding called the Lost Levels.  This looks to be a wonderfully inspired take on the game that really started it all, Super Mario Bros.  It actually makes me wonder if there'll be a sequel with a green-hatted plumber out for revenge on creatures that are in no way at all related to Koopa Troopas?  And might he possibly being accompanied by a mushroom-topped being, a floating princess. and surrounded by beings that are definitely not Snifits or Shy guys???

     Kill the Plumber is slated for a late June to early July release on Android and iOS devices.

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