SEA OF THIEVES: Rare Studios' Pirates in an MMO World

     Rare Studios have shown us a wonderful look into their upcoming open-world pirate MMO-like game, Sea of Thieves.  The game is intended to bring multiple players together in a large game world for exploration of islands, piloting and crewing ships for sea battles with other groups, and in the video one crew is making one of their members walk the plank towards shark-filled waters.  I even caught a glimpse of a skeleton attacking and theirs tales of treasure hunting to be done.

     Could this be the pirate game to beat Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag?  I think so.  There looks to be plenty of first-person pillaging and plundering to be done.

     Sea of Thieves will be an Xbox One exclusive.  No release date was announced.


  1. PS3/4 user here :P Guess I can't play it anyways....

  2. Sadly, I (the writer/owner of this blog) am a Sony fellow so I won't be able to play it unless I get an Xbox One, which is unlikely. Although I may borrow a friend's system and pick the game up anyway.