Gassy Mob: Farting Your Way to Victory

     Jaewoo Jeon has created a hilarious game by taking something that everyone does, and making it playable.  The player's purpose in Gassy Mob is to eat, run around, and fart on people, offend as many noses as you can, gain their ire, and then have them chase you to your flatulent doom.  
     It sounds absolutely delightful!

     According to the game's Bitsummit page, the official summary is:
Gassy Mob is a simple Pac-Man style arcade game for iOS.
Gorge yourself, fart on NPCs, and get a high score. But make sure you stay one step ahead of the mob!
The unique gassy gameplay delivers fantastic farting arcade action.
So let's fart!
     Simply farting on these unsuspecting victims is not enough- your goal is to consume the most stomach-churning, bowel-roiling foods you can and proceed to drop monstrous olfactory bombs on the maximum number of people as possible before their collective group hate descends upon you, and thus thwarting your aromatic attacks.  

     Jeon is shooting for a September release of Gassy Mob on iOS, and about "two months later" on Android devices.

     Source [ Wired ]

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