Sploot: The Gift of a Seagull with IBS...

     Poop.  Just saying it brings the smile of my inner 5 year old to my face.  Now, with the future of 3D gaming's potential so close on the horizon, it has already struck comedic gold with Sploot.

     Sploot is a free-to-play first person flight simulator game where players inhabit the body of a poor seagull with uncontrollable bowels.  The goal is to keep the splattery projectiles focused on people, buildings, and all the rest of their expensive shiny objects.  Players must try to score points during within the time limit given, both avoiding dangerous obstacles, and eating bread to continue their unstoppable excremental assault.

     It is worth noting that the game was originally made specifically for the Oculus Rift's 3D capabilites, but it isn't required for play.  Sploot is still perfectly playable on both Mac and PC with good old mouse-and-keyboard.

     Nothing screams "a majestic experience" quite as much as watching a bird soaring beautifully on the wind... and then seeing it launch a payload of fecal armament on unsuspecting humans below.

     Players can now feel the exhilarating rush of being that majestic pooping bird.

     Sploot is simple, silly fun bringing bird poo to a bright and colorful 3D world.

     Source [ Sploot ]

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