Frosty The Assassin: A Cold-Hearted Take on a Well-Known Snowman

     In a strange way, we always knew there was something magical in that old silk hat they found.  Unfortunately, this was not a magical hat bringing life to the snow...
     "A pail from outside a jail has evil magical powers and it gives life to a snowman. Now a call goes out to all the mythical snow creatures to come and destroy him. The user takes on the fugitive role of "Frosty The Assassin" and tries to stay alive."
     This free-to-play indie game will allow players to take the role of a less-than-sane version of Frosty the Snowman in a randomly generated, roguelike winter wonderland.  His goals are simple, stay alive and kill things through as many levels as possible before succumbing to death by ice monsters.
     Of course an assortment of cold-weather related weaponry will be at your disposal, such as an icicle dagger or the most despicable projectile weapon in history, the yellow snowball.  But, players beware, every level has an invincible ice troll that cannot be killed, no matter how much yellow snow is used.

     This Christmas season looks to be filled with madness, mayhem, and murderous intent.

     Frosty the Assassin is slated for a general release time this Fall for Android devices.

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