Monster Streaking: A Short Review of a Naked Endless Runner

     Today saw the release of Beavl Games recent Ludum Dare Challenge 33 entry themed "You are the Monster" with the apt title of Monster Streaking.


     It is exactly what you might expect of a game with that title.  You play an inexplicably naked monster terrorizing an unnamed American town with your nudity.  It has nice pixelated art, pretty good sound effects, and very simple controls- you touch the screen for a burst of speed, holding it to run, and letting go to slow.  The whole game is trying to avoid being tackled by angry people, stampeded by the pitchfork bearing mob constantly chasing you, and have pictures of your dangling nether regions taken by the paparazzi you pass by.

     It's worth a quick play for some oddly charming monster butt-cheek action, but if you invest more time by earning coins slowly you can unlock more than just Frankenstein.  There's also a vampire, a wolfman, a mummy, and with enough time and coins players can also unlock some more modern horror butts like Pennywise, Freddy, and Jason- or at least some silly pants-less analogs of them.

     Monster Streaking offers at least 5 minutes of Halloween hilarity just in time to play while trick-or-treating this coming weekend.

     It's free to play and can be found at these links: [ Android ]  [ iOS ]

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