Murder: A Neon Cyberpunk Point-and-Click Mystery

     Publisher Curve Digital is bringing us developer Peter Moorhead's newest title Murder, a new take on classic adventure point-and-click games taking place in cyberpunk Tokyo

     The game promises to be heavily cinematic and steeped in the influence of great cyberpunk works by masters such as Masamune Shirow and Katsuhiro Otomo.  
     "Over its memorable thirty to forty minute playtime, Murder takes players on a journey into a cyberpunk Tokyo, following the actions of a Lieutenant in the Tokyo Metropolitan Police on an unusual and dangerous case in a story that explores the intersection of morality and sentience in a future where both have become commodities."
     Shadowy streets, perpetual rain, and a gritty environment will help Murder evoke the truest feel of a future noir short story in a neon world, and should arrive on October 21st on iOS, Android, and PC for $2.99.

     [ EDIT ] The Android version may not release until November.

     For more information [ Murder ]

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