Stay, Mum: An Emotional Tale of a Mother and Her Son

     Stay, Mum is a very interesting find.  Lucid Labs have created a game about a mother and son that don't get enough time to connect in their daily lives.  The boy, John, relies on his great imagination and uses a series of colorful toy blocks to help get through the loneliness he experiences while his mother is constantly away trying to muster a living for them at her job.  He uses the blocks to create new creature-friends and then they help him navigate the game's 70 levels of puzzle solving.

     From the official description:
     Stay, Mum is an ordinary story about John, a young boy with an extraordinary imagination and his mother, who is busy trying to make a living for the two of them.  
     Stay, Mum will let you manipulate different blocks to form surreal shapes out of John’s wild imagination and explore the bittersweet relationship of John and his mother. John means the world to his mother. But to meet their needs, his mother has to work very hard. So hard that she never finds time for him. 
     John’s loneliness is only cured by different blocks given to him by his mother. Why does the mother give him building blocks and what purpose do they hold?
     Honestly, this game looks to be a tremendously intriguing way to show the strain a family might have while struggling to eke out a living.  I can't wait to learn the truth about, "why John's mother has no time for her only son and how are the blocks going to help him in a tale of twists and emotions."

     Stay, Mum arrives on iOS devices October 29th for $2.99.

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