Butt Sniffin Pugs: Just Another Day at the Pug Park

     A few months ago at E3 2015 a strange and wonderful new game appeared called Butt Sniffin Pugs.  It's exactly what it sounds like.  A 2-player walk in the park with pugs.  Pugs and butts.  Pugs and butts and squirrels.  Pugs and butts and squirrels and frisbees and sandwiches and peeing and pooping and barking...

     The description from the press kit:
     Butt Sniffin Pugs is a co-operative explorathon that is literally enhanced by your ability to run like a dog and sniff butts. Thanks to SpaceBeagles' giant trackball controller (with stuffed pug butt attachment), players are now finally able to immerse themselves as a pug and explore the virtual world that is "Central Bark". Everything in the game is interactable with your different “pug powers”.

     By playing with the world in different ways, you’ll uncover multitudes of secrets, toys and puzzles in each area of Central Bark. This means you could work collectively to achieve goals and unlock the different regions of Central Bark - or just spend time running around pooping and exploring as a pug to your heart’s content. There’s no wrong way to play Butt Sniffin Pugs.
     This game was designed for pure enjoyment.  The same enjoyment dogs seem to find in doing pretty much anything, players will get to discover surprises and silliness in being a dog exploring the fully interactive dog park you visit.  What gives Butt Sniffin Pugs a boost in here is the fact they have eliminated doggy goals.  The whole purpose of the game is merely to have fun through the little surprises and discoveries.  Squirrels pop umbrellas if you pee on them, eating hot dogs you've messed on gives you diarrhea, barking at a bush might uncover a hidden frisbee, and so on.
     The game's creators also made sure to make all the surprises cooperative.  The game is fully made to be 2 player as well as single player for the shared hilarity.
     Adding depth to the experience is the specially created trackball controller- a giant tennis ball serves as the main control.  The gamepad also currently features two large buttons and a stuffed dog butt for digitized dog-bum sniffery.  In making this game they wanted to make it accessible to people that might struggle with a traditional controller, and their solution is truly wonderful.  We can all paw at the controller simulating the puppy play experience.

     So far, Butt Sniffin Pugs is aimed at a 2016 release on Steam, PS4, and PS Vita.
        (And at a later time on iOS)

     To learn about beginning their Dec. 2015 Kickstarter Butt Sniffin Pugs ]

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