Minor Steps (by Evgiz): A Micro Review

     In an effort to continue both gaming and writing I've been playing a ton of great little indie gems, and came across Minor Steps by someone calling themselves Evgiz.  It's a simple game wherein you find yourself locked in a strange facility with lots of blood and a dead body.

     What makes this 10 minute game nice is the very small details.  The way the text appears and floats away as you investigate items, the top notch sound design, and the controls.  They are all sparse, but at the same time they are also perfect for the game.
     The mood here is set wonderfully, given weight by Kevin MacLeod's "Anguish" leaving a haunting feeling in the player.  It really does a good job of giving off a mysterious vibe to the facility you are trying to escape.

     This game brings up questions with what it doesn't say.  There's a strange sense of unease brought up with wondering why there is so much garbage laying around, where'd all the blood come from, who killed these people, and most curiously- why did someone eat a key?
     Unfortunately, there are no answers to be found.  Minor Steps starts a story that could very well go on to something much bigger, and much more sinister, with the implications.  Though it's highly doubtful Evgiz will continue with what they started with this project.

     Play the game here [ Minor Steps ]

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