Science Kombat: You Ever Wanted to See Darwin vs Hawking vs Einstein in a Battle Royale?

     In a brilliant twist of events, we will soon be able to determine "who would win in a fight" arguments of a scientific nature with Science Kombat- pitting scientific genius' of history against each other, and in the end against religion itself in the guise of an end boss called "The Divinity."  The game is brought to us by the creators of Filosofighters- a fighting game with 9 big name philosophers duking it out over whose theories are best.

Stephen Hawking's "Wormhole" Teleport Ability.

     Science Kombat is a game that will give us a very light education of the sciences via the martial arts in a way that Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat cannot hope to achieve.  According to pixel artist and lead designer, Diego Sanches, there will be 8 playable characters and the end boss.  Although only 7 characters are currently listed, unless The Divinity is playable after defeating them, we might be getting a surprise unknown 8th scientist at launch.
     We can play as an evolving Charles Darwin, electricity harnessing Nikola Tesla, elementalist Marie Curie, the gravitational Isaac Newton, geometrical master Pythagoras, relativity altering Albert Einstein, and the modern miracle of time and space, Stephen Hawking.

Darwin's "Evolution" Attack.

    Each character with have 6 basic attacks and 2 special moves, based upon their respective scientific discoveries and focuses and will be tied to a location related to their story.  So Darwin will be on Galapagos and Curie will be in her lab. While developer Fred Di Giacomo mentioned to Escapist Magazine that, "the final boss will be God, that morphs into various God's representations- like in Mortal Kombat, with Shang Tsung. We thought it would be a good metaphor for the battle of science against faith/superstition."

Einstein's "Relativity" at Work.

     In the end, I really hope this game gets more attention and adds some more of history's scientists to the roster.  There are plenty to choose from from all cultures and fields.  How about paleontology, microbiology, or any of the medical sciences?  There's so many options and so much potential that it could become a very large game quickly.

     Super Interessante magazine has listed Science Kombat as "coming soon."
           (Should be available in 3-4 weeks)

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