Tiny Necromancer: Review

     I've been scouring the Google Play store for any games that might be interesting and came across this little gem by PearFiction Studios.  Tiny Necromancer is an almost rogue-like game where players actually get to be an evil-doer instead of a typical hero.

     As the titular Tiny Necromancer, you must fight your way through the levels by either finding the key to a door to proceed to the next level or by killing one of the 4 bosses.  To help accomplish this we are armed with glowing green skulls to shoot down naysayers in our path.  Granted we can save up gold and purchase other spells, but as they are single use only they are nearly worthless.  If they were purchased and reusable as the main attacks it would be a considerable boon for the game.  I hate saving up gold, buying the minion spell, and when you use it- oftentimes the minion immediately dies, making it a giant waste.

     When it comes to combat, the controls are tight and responsive, but the enemy hitboxes are off.  If you keep your distance you can remain fairly safe by pelting enemies with glowing skulls from afar, but their placement occasionally forces you into close combat on absurdly small ledges leading to a swift death.  You can be killed by a single hit from any enemy, or even being touched by one or more accurately, being near an enemy (or spikes on the ground) will still cue your death.  This is only a real troublesome issue when fighting the bosses though because of their large health bars, you can get them whittled down and die for apparently no reason at all.

      The levels are relatively short and fun, though some are oddly misplaced in what one might think would be the proper order, as all 4 bosses are inexplicably in the first half of the game.  Why didn't they add any extra bosses when they expanded it from 24 levels to 54 levels?  That being said, it is still really entertaining to play this game.  Playing it can give you a bit of frustration with the cheap deaths from poor hitboxes, but that irritation doesn't last long because the game plays so quickly.  It's fast paced enough that the deaths will only truly set a player back about 30 seconds.

     It's easy to pick up Tiny Necromancer and play through a handful of levels and move on to other things- and that's something very good for mobile games.  It's got a nice touch of nostalgia with the added benefit of playing as an 8 bit villain, and there's enough of a fun factor to keep players entertained for short bursts.  I'd recommend snagging this game for a decent hour of fun.

     Play Tiny Necromancer free on [ Android ] and [ iOS ]

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