VULTURE ISLAND: Donut Games' Upcoming Platforming Adventure

     After a freak run in with a cloud in a homemade flying machine, a group of four friends wind up stranded on Vulture Island.
Benjamin has built a spectacular flying machine to take him and his friends around the world. 
During one of the first flight sessions something goes wrong. The youngsters have no choice but to parachute themselves to safety. 
After an exhausting swim Alex, Paul and Stella end up on a distant island. Barehanded and with no trace of Benjamin.
Players will need to explore the island and gradually reunite with their friends and find a way off the island.  Along the way there will be characters to interact with, weapons and items to collect, puzzles to be solved, and of course...  enemies and bosses to be fought!

     Vulture Island looks to be another hilarious, but solid arcade adventure brought to us by the creators of Traps n' Gemstones.

     According to the Forum, the game will launch this week on iOS and Android devices.
          (In addition, it'll be a $5 game with a 40% off sale for the first few weeks.)

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