Google's 2016 Happy Halloween Game: Micro Review

     Today Google put up a small animated movie-game about a tiny wizards on their home page.  It's starts out in a wizard school with various animals and their books of magic, but then a ghost steals your book.  As the preeminent cuteness, and wizard extraordinaire, you set out through 5 levels to recapture your stolen book.

     The game is extremely easy to play.  As ghosts close in around you, you have to draw the symbols above their heads to destroy them.  It starts out quite simple with singular straight lines, but then evolves into slightly more complex shapes, and then into whole chains of symbols.  You can even smash out combos if you get the symbols drawn in an order that finishes multiple ghosts all at the same time.  Each level adds a more challenging amount of enemies and even mini-bosses on the way to the big boss ghost at the end of level 5.

     Because I have no idea how long this wonderful little treat will last, I'd recommend you head over and play it for a bit while you can.  It should only take as long as it would to eat a snack-sized candy bar, and is probably just as enjoyable for those of us that aren't the candy munching type.  I got 84,330 my first go around, and may go back for more periodically throughout the day.

     Happy Halloween everyone!

     Source [ Google ]

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