Souls in Stone: Micro Review (An Evgiz Game)

     Souls in Stone is a small platforming game by a creator that goes by the name Evgiz.  Back in January I was quite impressed by his horror game Minor Steps, and I'm equally impressed with his condensed take on this genre.
     This little gem is a quaint puzzle-platformer that gives off a wonderful sublime feeling of nostalgia.  Souls in Stone is a very simple game done with a minimalist flare.  You play as a character in search of some souls to unlock extra abilities and subsequently the doorway to leave the strange place you find yourself in.

     What really makes this game stand out is the ambiance of the music.  It's a genuine treat to play through the 4 puzzles (levels) and take it slowly because the music sets the whole tone.  There's no rush or hurry to get things over.  No sense of urgency driving the player.  The game begins and you take it at your own pace- be it 5 minutes or an hour- and the music suggests we take it easy and enjoy the journey.

     I believe the only issue I found is the jump button can be a bit unresponsive leading to an inconvenient death- setting you back about 30 seconds.  A small irritation, but I must note it is there.

     Souls in Stone is another one of those mini-games that I would really enjoy seeing expanded to include more levels to find out what is through the end doorway, extending the experience just a bit longer, while somehow still fully appreciating its brevity and understanding that there doesn't truly need anything more added.

     To play in your browser [ Souls in Stone ]

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