Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition: Trailer & Thoughts

     In a bizarre twist of fate, the creators of Final Fantasy XV have made a move that is extremely strange and hilarious, but also a little bit intriguing.  They're altering the style of the game completely to be "chibi style" and porting it to iOS and Android devices under the title Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition.

     Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition takes players through the world of Eos without the anchor of a console.  Players will be able to follow the story of the main game retold over 10 episodes in the cutesy new style.  Along with the new look comes a newly optimized and casual control scheme for mobile, and the shift to an isometric view, presumably to give it a more action game feel- as the trailer appears to show.

     Over the years I've fallen away from the Final Fantasy series, and I really haven't liked much of them after FF 8, but I may give this a go just for the sake of ease and for the absolutely silly take on the visual changes.  The fact they are making it an episodic game is a little disconcerting, but if they are price balanced well enough from a money to gameplay time perspective, it could be worth it to buy them all.  Honestly, I'd probably throw down money for other Final Fantasy games redone in this style for mobile.  It's so absurd and Square Enix has definitely peaked my interest in the series again.

     Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition has no release date yet, but is expected later this year and the first episode will be available for free.