Where Cards Fall: The Dreamlike Game gets Delayed

     Snowman Games has announced that they have a second game being delayed this year following Alto's Odyssey being pushed back earlier this year.  Snowman, along with developer The Game Band's, upcoming title Where Cards Fall is being delayed from its original Fall 2017 estimate with no firm release window.

     Where Cards Fall is a beautiful and curious looking game from humble beginnings as a student project, and that over the course of its last 5 years of development has recently needed a change in direction.  The creators' final vision of it is finally being put on the right course, and on this new path, they are reassuring us that the end project will be made much better for it. 

     The Game Band’s creative director Sam Rosenthal said:
     "When we first announced Where Cards Fall, I talked about how the game is meant to feel like a bittersweet memory. By revisiting the past, we want to explore how we build our futures over many years. 
     We chose our cards. We put them together. We built a house. The house wasn’t quite right. We knocked it down. We started again. 
     When we teamed up with Snowman, we caught a glimpse of our dream house. So we took everything down to the studs and built a much stronger foundation. With all that said, it’s looking like we’ll need some more time to finish decorating."  
     The Game Band says they've found the dream version of this project is in sight and they will be slowly updating us with news in the coming months of Where Cards Fall's game mechanics, its story, and peaks into the dreamlike world they've been building- along with a much more firm release date when it becomes clear.

     Rosenthal finished his message with the lovely sentiment, "Thank you for your support, and for your patience. I know delays have become a bit of a cliché in video games, but new ideas are hard to build properly on the first try. Sometimes you need to let your creation fall to see what it can become."
     It's good to hear that they have put a large importance on making the best game possible, and taking the time to do it right- instead of forcing something out as fast as possible.

     Source [ Official Snowman Blog ]


Starman: Tale of light: Launches November 7th

     A Spanish indie developer, Nada Studio, comprised of two brother architects, Jacobo and Sergio Abril have created a wonderful little monochromatic puzzle game called, Starman: Tale of Light, coming to iOS soon.

     Starman: Tale of Light the story of a man attempting to bring light back to a darkened universe, with a particular interest in plot development relayed through the use of light and shadow.
     Requiring players to think outside the box, Starman is a beautiful isometric puzzle game that was designed to gradually increase in difficulty by continually adding new mechanics throughout the duration of the game.  The developers have focused on creating a complex system of interactivity through the use of both appropriate and creative feedback.  They want to give players new mechanics every level, and have players receive feedback for every click- this ranges from the usual lights and sounds, and adds more depth with haptic feedback (vibrations), and "other effects," giving players as much to work with as possible in new and original ways.

     Just from the trailer and descriptions, Starman: Tale of Light looks to be a tremendously promising puzzle game with an extremely atmospheric experience on top of it- so it's definitely one to keep an eye out for.

     Starman: Tale of Light lands on iOS devices November 7th.


Untitled Goose Game: House House's Hilarious Next Game: Pre-Alpha Gameplay Trailer

     House House, developers of the Indie gem Push Me Pull You have been hard at work on an intriguing new game about a mischievous goose.

"It's a lovely weekday morning in the village and you are a horrible goose."

     In their as yet Untitled Goose Game, it looks as if players will be engaging in some hilarious goose antics.  The overall gameplay appears to be a serious of small puzzles like finding a way into a garden and getting the groundskeeper wet.  There's a even a little stealth action in stealing things like sneaking up and swiping the groundskeeper's keys.
     In general, players seem to get to be a nuisance by pestering locals, raiding gardens to assemble your own goose picnics, and distracting people by annoyingly honking at them throughout the day, all the while solving small puzzles in the form of a to do list.

     The Untitled Goose Game is set to arrive in 2018.

     Source [ PCGamer ]