Starman: Tale of light: Launches November 7th

     A Spanish indie developer, Nada Studio, comprised of two brother architects, Jacobo and Sergio Abril have created a wonderful little monochromatic puzzle game called, Starman: Tale of Light, coming to iOS soon.

     Starman: Tale of Light the story of a man attempting to bring light back to a darkened universe, with a particular interest in plot development relayed through the use of light and shadow.
     Requiring players to think outside the box, Starman is a beautiful isometric puzzle game that was designed to gradually increase in difficulty by continually adding new mechanics throughout the duration of the game.  The developers have focused on creating a complex system of interactivity through the use of both appropriate and creative feedback.  They want to give players new mechanics every level, and have players receive feedback for every click- this ranges from the usual lights and sounds, and adds more depth with haptic feedback (vibrations), and "other effects," giving players as much to work with as possible in new and original ways.

     Just from the trailer and descriptions, Starman: Tale of Light looks to be a tremendously promising puzzle game with an extremely atmospheric experience on top of it- so it's definitely one to keep an eye out for.

     Starman: Tale of Light lands on iOS devices November 7th.

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