[ UPDATED ] Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition: Pre-Registration has Begun on Android & New Trailer

[ UPDATE ] Both the trailer and Google Play's pre-registration pages have been removed.
[ UPDDATE 2 ] Newer Trailer provided, Pre-registration has been returned.

     Back in August we we're given quiet the odd surprise with the announcement of a "chibi style" port of Final Fantasy XV coming to iOS and Android devices under the title of Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition.  The Android devices' pre-registration has opened and can be found here.
     The tiny new trailer gives us a look into combat, button layouts, and general action- a lot of little new bits of information.

     This new episodic take on the game will allow players to enjoy the world of Eos in the cutesy new style without being tied to a console, or beset by an overwhelming amount of side quests.  It'll be just the core story spread out over 10 episodes and done up as an isometric action game with an optimized and casual control scheme.

     [ Supported Models ]
iOS 11.1 or later
iPhone 6s (9th generation) or later / iPad Pro / iPad (5th generation) or later /
iPad Air 2 (2nd generation) or later / iPad mini 4 (4th generation) or later

Android 5.0 or higher model (RAM: 2 GB or more)
* Some models are not supported.
     [ COST ] 
Chapter 1: Free
Chapters 2-3: each 120 yen (approx. $0.99)
Chapters 4-10: each 480 yen (approx. $3.99)
Complete 10 chapter set: 2,400 yen (approx. $19.99)
※ The price is the same in the App Store, Google Play, Windows.
     This new version of the game looks to be strangely entertaining and fun.  The episodic nature of how they are breaking it up is a little concerning, but if the price to gameplay is balanced well enough, it could be a great deal.  And honestly, I'm curious to see if we'll get some other Pocket Editions such as Final Fantasy 8 or 10.

     Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition is slated for a Fall 2017 for Android and iOS,
          -and the Windows 10 version will be a bit later in Winter 2017.

     Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition [ Google Play ]

     Source [ Final Fantasy Official ]

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