Play as a Tiny Heroic Fox in TUNIC: E3 2018 Announcement Trailer

     I've been keeping an eye on this game since late 2016 when it was known as Secret Legend.  Since then, it has come quite a long way, and looks even more wonderful under its new title Tunic.

     This beautiful isometric action-adventure game about a sword-wielding fox certainly draws inspiration from The Legend of Zelda, with its bright, colorful world full of curious friends and strange creatures to encounter.  Washing up on a strange shore, the little heroic fox will be able to explore a vast land full of forests to wander through, ruins to delve into, houses full of pots to smash, treasure chests to plunder, new weapons to find, and dangerous enemies to defeat to make it in this exquisite new world.

     The one-man development team of Andrew Shouldice (and publisher Finji) should be proud, Tunic looks to be a truly heartwarming gem to play.  He's really pushing the boundaries of the Unity engine- I mean just look at the breathtaking lighting effects, especially in the woodland areas!  Definitely keep an eye out for this game.

     TUNIC will arrive one XBox One and PC [ Steam ] in 2019.

     Official Site [ Tunic Game ] [ Tunic Twitter[ Andrew's Twitter ]

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